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About C.H. Reams & Associates, Inc.


C.H. Reams & Associates, Inc. is an Erie, PA based Broker Agency and Third Party Benefits Administrator. Our company specializes in providing both employee benefits and individual service. It is our goal to represent the interests of our clients and find insurance at the lowest cost while providing the highest benefit.  CHR works with all size businesses to provide the insurance coverage that works for them.  Specialized insurance plans are provided for individuals to complement their hectic lives. We can help design and implement the right plan that meets the needs of your lifestyle or the life of your employees and help you navigate the stressful rigors of life. 

C.H. Reams & Associates, Inc. helps our clients secure the benefits and insurance coverage they deserve.  There are many insurance options available but not all of them work the same for each company or individual.  C.H. Reams & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to helping each client, whether an individual or a group, choose the best insurance plan for their particular needs.  Our team provides exemplary customer service by providing our customers individualized insurance plans as well as answering all questions that arise about benefits, insurance plans or claims.  We value each client and individual relationship that we build at CHR and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. 


C.H. Reams & Associates, Inc. effectively analyzes the needs of individual customers or groups of employees. Our unique system allows us to provide our clients with customized reports built specifically for them. We help our customers design and implement insurance plans with their specific needs in place taking into consideration the shifts in the marketplace.  

We administer policies between clients and the insurer to effectively communicate information, determine eligibility, process claims, and membership functions. We handle premium collections and provide consolidated billing and management reports for our clients. We also offer in-house COBRA, FSA and HRA Administration. 

CHR works personally with clients on plan design, implementation, the renewal process and maintaining customized employee benefit plans. Our staff presents enrollment meetings to assist the employee and employer during the transition of any plan change.  Working closely with our clients, we serve as an extension of their Human Resources Department.